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Periodontology is a special subject in dentistry that studies the supporting structures of teeth, diseases, and conditions that affect them.

Almost 53% of adults (35-44 years) suffer from medium-heavy Periodontitis and 20% of adults suffer from a heavy Periodontitis.

Among retirees 48% suffer from medium-heavy Periodontitis and 40% from heavy Periodontitis. (German Dental-Health Studies IV – DMS IV, 2006)

Periodontitis represents the most common cause of loss of teeth among adults.

Most important risk factors are the age, a lack of dental health care, smoking of more than 10 cigarettes a day, stress and obesity. Men suffer more often from Periodontitis than women.

Most of the time, this kind of desease remains undiscovered as only terminal Periodontitis causes pain.

Be aware of symptoms like prevalent gum bleeding, bad breath and a loosening of teeth. In 2004 the Periodontal Inspection (PGU) was introduced by the Society of Periodontology in Austria (ÖGP).

This is an easy and world-wide accepted short inspection (5 min) helping to estimate the heavyness of the periodontical desease and the neccessary treatment.

For several reasons this kind of inspection isn’t really common in Austria. Fortunately all kinds of heavy periodontitis can be treatet very well by specialists.

To reach a good result, it is neccessary for patients to change der unhealthy habbits, containing the risk-factors mentioned above.

Further details regarding the formation and treatment of this desease can be found on my blog-site as well as the website of the Austrian Society for Periodontology Austria.

Periodontal Inspection as well as therapy of Periodontitis as internationally teached and accepted, cannot be found in the health plan auf Austrian Governmental Health-Care-Services.

Periodontitis and further desease:

Periodontitis as risk-factor for the formation of other desease:

Coronary Heart Desease, Premature Birth, Respiratory Disorder

Risk-factors for the formation of Periodontitis:

Smoking, diabetes, stress, obesity, genetic predisposition

Plastic Periodontological Surgery -long dental root:

By applying gums onto exposed dental roots through micro surgery it is possible to achieve more estetic and less algesic teeth.

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