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Patient Information

General Information:
• In the case of an appointment, please think of taking your E-Card with you!

Behaviour prior to
extractions, gingiva-surgery, implantations:

• You should eat light (less adipose) but high-energy-food 1-2 hours before your treatment. For instance cereals – warm or room-tempered, fruits, vegetables, bread, honey.

behavior after
extractions, gingiva-surgery, implantations:

• Cooling of the lesion:
You can use an ice bag on your cheek, near your cut, for 15-20 Minutes.
After that you should take a pause of the same duration and than place it again on your cheek.
You should start the cooling not later than 2 hours after the treatment. It will have an analgetic and decongestant impact.

• Food:
You shouldn’t eat any sharp-edged or hard food on the day of your treatment.
Please avoid whole-grain bread, sesame or the like.
It is recommended to eat vegetables like mashed potatoes or vegetable soups.
Yoghurt can be eaten, but summed up it should be less than the part of vegetables.
Neiter the food nor the drinks should be hot.

• Mouth-Hygiene:
Your teeth in the near of the cut should be brushed only very carefully to avoid the risk of rupturing the sutural.
Please avoid heavy rinsing of your mouth and avoid blowing up your cheek, as it can displace the sutural and consequently delay your healing.
Please don’t use any mouthwash.

• Profession:
If you have a profession in which it is necessary to talk a lot, please take the day of the treatment off.

• Sports:
On the day of treatment please don’t do any sports. Up to a week after the treatment it is also not recommended to practice martial arts.
Rule of thumb: In the case of endurance sports use pulse-synchrone poc



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